What types of Bonuses can I get?

In addition to Mavro growth per month, MMM China members can get the following bonuses:

Registration Bonus

+20$, +50$ or +100$.

When signing in participants are granted with a bonus of from $20 to $100. Definitely, this money is given to members who has made a contribution for the first time.

  • +$20 if your contribution is from 300 yuan to 3000 yuan. This bonus is frozen for two weeks. If you take out your contribution earlier, the bonus will be cancelled.
  • +$50 if your contribution is from 3000 yuan to 18000 yuan. This bonus is frozen for one month.
  • +$100 if your contribution is 18000 yuan and more. This bonus is frozen for one month as well.

About freezing: it means that if you withdraw your money earlier, you will lose only registration bonus whereas your contribution with all interest accrued will be paid to you.




Referral Bonus

+ from a contribution amount made by each member (referral) you invited to the System.

The Bonuses are credited in Mavro which may be taken out as soon as the referral has provided help and got his Mavro confirmed.

You can invite a participant through a referral link or MMM invite (code word). You will get the bonus from each referral’s new contribution, but only for “new” money.

For example, if he provides help of 10,000 yuan you will get 1,000 yuan bonus. If after that the participant takes out 15,000 yuan and then provides help of 20,000 yuan, the bonus will be credited only for difference between input and output i.e. for 15,000 yuan (10,000-15,000+20,000=15,000). In total the bonus will be 1,500 yuan, but not 2,000 yuan.




Leader's Bonus

+, , and .

There are four levels of bonuses in MMM China.

The bonuses are credited in Mavro .

You may take Leader’s Bonus out as soon as your referral has provided help and got his Mavro confirmed.

It works like Referral Bonus. Leader’s Bonuses are credited only for "new" money.

In the MMM System you have the opportunity to become somebody's Leader. A member can choose his Leader on his/her own. Leader doesn’t have real authority over participants.

  • — for those who appointed you as their Leader
  • — for those whose Leader is the participant who appointed you as a Leader
  • And so on.

For example, A appointed you as his Leader, B appointed A as his Leader and C’s Leader is B. It means, you will get 5% for A’s contribution, 3% for B’s and 1% for C’s. If someone is under C, you will get 0.25% for him.


Increased Leader Bonuses ,, , , , , (from all lower downlines + as well) for those who finished MMM Leader's School. The bonuses are multilevel, their number is unlimited. The bonuses are credited in Mavro . You may take it out as soon as the referral has provided help and got his Mavro confirmed.





Bonus for the video in a "Letter of happiness" is , or of the amount of received help.

After receiving help you have to send a "Letter of happiness". If you attach a video to it, you will get a bonus. The bonus is credited for each "Letter of happiness".

  • of the amount of help received — you will get for super quality video. It should be professional-looking: quality recording and editing. Record an interesting story in which you are the main character. Tell us how you will spend (spent) the money, what impact MMM ideology had on your life, how the Community changes your life, and invite other people to participate in MMM. The plot must be interesting and creative. The minimum resolution is 640x480. The minimum video duration is 1 min 30 sec.
  • of received help for the video where you show your face and your voice is heard clearly. Tell about your emotions from the participation in MMM and invite other people to join the Community!
  • of received help for the video where you don’t show your face. You need to demonstrate your Personal Office and a photo of your bank accounts statement or an electronic statement from internet banking as a proof of receiving help.

The bonus is credited in MAVRO and frozen for 1 month. If during this month you will delete the video, you will lose this bonus.

Bonus for your video story of providing help is or of the amount of the help provided.

In addition, you can record a video about providing help and get a bonus or of the amount of provided help. The size of the bonus depends on the fact if you show your face in the video or not.




If you use cryptocurrencies (not a bank) to transfer money (provide help), you will receive a 3% bonus of the transferred amount.

Crypto-Bonus is not frozen. It is available for withdrawal as soon as the recipient confirms the receipt of funds.

If you're new to cryptocurrencies, you can find out how to create a cryptocurrency wallet and how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from this handy guide.