How to write a “Letter of happiness”?


1. Recommendations on writing Letters of Happiness.

After a participant has got help and confirmed all orders, he needs to write a letter of happiness.

It is recommended to send the letter of happiness within 3 days after the participant received help.

The participant is given 3 attempts to write the letter. If the letter has not passed the moderation for the third time, the participant will be blocked. Thus it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the writing a letter of happiness.

The “WRITE A LETTER OF HAPPINESS” button appears on a GH request..

【Press this button.


A new window pops up.

At the top of the window there are rules on how to write letters of happiness.

Go down.

  1. In this window a text of the letter of happiness should be written.
  2. The letter is free-form, but it should contain the following items:
  1. Your name (nickname is allowed).
  2. Status in the system ( participant, 10+, 100+, etc., guider).
  3. Residence.
  4. Amount and date of the provided help.
  5. Amount and date of the received help.
  6. In conclusion it is advisable to say thank you to the system and Sergey Panteleevich.

2. Here you can attach a file - your personal photo or a photo with MMM symbolics. This item is optional, at a participant’s discretion.

Go down.

  1. It is possible to get a bonus if to attach a video to the letter of happiness:
    1%- if the video demonstrates the PO with a GH request and orders;
    5%- If there is a close-up of your face in the video;
    10%- If the video is creative.
    Video has the same requirements as a letter of happiness text. In the video you should say your name, status in the system, residence, amount and date of the provided and received help. And express gratitude to the MMM system and Sergey Panteleevich.
  2. Do not forget to check the box - “I want to get a bonus for video”, if you added the video to the letter of happiness.
    In case you do not check the box, the bonus will not be accrued.
  3. After you have written the letter of happiness, press the “Send” button.
    The letter further will be examined by the moderator. Usually it takes one day to check letters of happiness.


2. How to upload a video.

Click on the green button to add a file and choose your video on the PC in a pop-up window.


The video will be attached to the letter, you will need only to upload it.


Press the “Upload” button and wait until a progress indicator (white line) turns totally green.


3. How to write a letter of happiness.

Go to the MMM Personal Office and find a form letter. Compose a text based on recommendations.

  1. Add the video.
  2. Check the box.
  3. Press the “Send” button.



The letter of happiness is written.

Now the “Letter of Happiness has been sent” status will appear in a GH request.

After the moderator has checked your letter, its status will change into “Letter of Happiness has been approved”. Please note that letters of happiness are checked within 24 hours.