How can I participate in MMM with my mobile devices?


Sometimes using a computer is not very convenient, but often the phone at hand. That's why MMM software invented a special mobile site on a smartphone easy to use (read the news, feedback, etc.), mobile applications, you can easily use it to carry out the actions required personal office. All for ordinary people to create, rather than experts, which is why the application is very easy to use and at the same time versatile.

You can find mobile applications on the official website: http://china-mmm.bar/cn/ accept all risk, add mobile smartphone application MMM initial monitoring, according to the explanation sheet.




You can use the mobile application to register or click on the button "I am a participant," if you have registered. You'll get a few unique identification numbers.

Direct access to "My Page" ( "my page")




Click on My mobile phone numbers (my phone number), and then click to add)




Enter a name for the mobile device in the first field and the appropriate unique identifier in the second field. After this, your personal office page synchronization occurs, you will be able to use MMM mobile applications.