Two additional ways to get your old Mavro released


Dear participants!

We used to have a rule according to which participants who provided help got their “old” Mavro released in the amount of 10% of their PH sum. Besides, if their referral provided help, “old” Mavro in the amount of 10% of their referral’s PH sum got released as well. This rule was intended to pay off old Mavro debts as soon as possible.

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What is money? How are we turned into financial slaves?


Each person has dreams and aspirations. However, they need money to fulfil most dreams while few have enough of it. Read this article to find out how we're turned into financial slaves and what money actually is.

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Now you can participate in MMM using Litecoin


Dear participants! Our Community has been actively developing so far. At the moment we are adding another popular cryptocurrency as a payment method in your PO so you from now on you can provide/get help using Litecoin (LTC).

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World Economy Falling Apart: Where Do We Find Salvation from Crisis?


In an economic crisis, simple folk are the ones that suffer the most, even though they lack money for simple things. Do you want to know 5 signs of economic depression and find salvation from the crisis? Read this article.

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How Do You Do Charity?


Charity is the basis of MMM. We call upon each of you to help those in need. Read here how you can really help and avoid fraudsters.

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