Two additional ways to get your old Mavro released


Dear participants!

We used to have a rule according to which participants who provided help got their “old” Mavro released in the amount of 10% of their PH sum. Besides, if their referral provided help, “old” Mavro in the amount of 10% of their referral’s PH sum got released as well. This rule was intended to pay off old Mavro debts as soon as possible.

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MMM news digest — 20/11/2017


Welcome, dear friends! :-)) The second half of November has come, and another autumn week is over. We are ready to tell you about the recent events that happened on our MMM planet during the last week.

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Altcoin: what it stands for and whether you should buy it


On the cryptocurrency market there is a variety of different altcoins. About what they stand for and why many investors choose them to invest their capital in - read in the article.

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How to improve self-esteem


Recently we have told you about the causes of low self-esteem. Now we would like to give recommendations regarding how you can improve your self-esteem. Find more details in the article.

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5 causes of low self-esteem


It’s very important to have self-esteem when achieving success. In case of low self-worth it’s merely impossible to become successful. Let’s figure out what exactly gives birth to this negative phenomenon destroying personality within.

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How to protect yourself from pickpockets


Pickpurses often can be met in public places with loads of people. They operate quickly and invisibly, so a man having money should be especially alert in such places. How to protect yourself from pickpockets - read here.

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